Things Online Shoppers Shouldn't Do

You can shop online for years without ever having your information compromised, but not everyone can be so lucky. There are ways to guard yourself against thieves looking to swipe your money and personal information.

Bible Money Matters outlines some effective warnings to make your online shopping experience as safe as a any other transaction:

* Don’t save your info on a ton of databases. Just about every online retailer encourages you to save your address and credit card info in its database. Unless you shop at a place regularly, it’s better just to avoid the step — if possible — and treat each transaction like the first one.

* Don’t shop while using public WiFi. Hackers may be sitting around hoping to swipe your passwords, so it’s best to avoid financial sites when at the coffee shop.

* Keep your Social Security number to yourself. If a site asks you for your SSN, that should alert you to the possibility that you’re being scammed. There are few legitimate reasons for an online entity to demand that sort of identification.

10 Ways To Protect Your Financial And Personal Information When Shopping Online [Bible Money Matters]

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