Guy Finds $8K On The Road, Gives It Back To Owner

If you ever lose a briefcase containing personal documents and $8,000 in cash, you probably won’t see it again. But a man in Tampa got lucky because a virtuous person snagged the case and made sure it found its way back to its owner.

The Tampa Bay Tribune reports the kindly grandfather stopped and picked up the case, thinking a laptop was inside. Then he dropped off his grandchildren and set out to return it. As far as he was concerned, it wasn’t just the right thing to do, it was the only thing to do:

“I couldn’t convince myself to keep it. I knew somebody somewhere was really going to miss this, and I thought, ‘You have to do the right thing.’ “

He found a phone number in the briefcase and discovered that the man who owned it had left it on top of his car before driving home from a restaurant.

The hero didn’t seek a reward for his efforts, which was good because he wasn’t offered one.

Good Samaritan returns thousands of dollars found lying in Tampa road [Tampa Bay Times via Fark]

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