3 Ways To Work Faster On Your Computer

If you use your computer clumsily, you can end up wasting valuable time, mucking up your workflow. With a little focus and concentration, you can cut down on the time you waste on menial tasks and become more productive.

Money Crashers suggests simple adjustments that can help you work faster and smarter:

* Learn to type. If you hunt and peck, your eyes may need to drift away from the screen to check your finger placement. Even if you’ve got everything memorized, you may slow yourself down by overusing your favored fingers. Learning to “touch type” like they taught you in school will up your words per minute.

* Use the mouse only as a last resort. The mouse is a clumsy device that requires you to break your work flow. Tab, escape and directional keys are easier to access and more precise.

* Upgrade your hardware. A larger hard drive, more memory and a newer operating system will all increase the speed of your rig. Those who upgrade almost never regret their investments because they appreciate their newfound speed.

How to Improve Computer Performance & Supercharge Your Productivity – Tips From an IT Pro [Money Crashers]

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