How To Save While Throwing A Super Bowl Party

If your social circle converges on your house to watch the best commercials of the year and the obligatory football that plays out in between, the burden to host a Super Bowl party can ravage your budget like University of Arizona product Rob Gronkowski does hapless secondaries. But you can cut corners here and there to trim costs without letting your frugality show.

The Street suggests sticking with mainly self-prepared snacks with cheap ingredients, including fresh-cut veggies with ranch dip, potato skins and chicken wings.

As for drinks, the post suggests buying cheap beer and soda in bulk, and hitting up the dollar store for any disposable utensils and dishes you might need.

With any luck, your cheap, self-made party will distract your guests from the inevitably disappointing commercials and sure-to-bore game.

Throw a Super Bowl Party for $100 or Less [The Street]

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