Tostitos ‘Party Safe’ Bags Will Detect If You’ve Been Drinking; Help You Call Uber

On Super Bowl Sunday, many of us will enjoy an adult beverage. Some of us may overindulge to the point where it’s unsafe to drive home. Now there are tortilla chips that can both detect if you’ve been drinking, and help you call for a ride home.

AdWeek reports that Tostitos and Uber, along with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, created limited-time “Party Safe” bags that can detect if a snacker has been drinking and assist in getting the party reveler home safe.

The bags, which are outfitted with sensors, are able to detect any trace of alcohol on a person’s breath. If no alcohol is found, the bag turns green, as in: go ahead and head home.

If the bag detects alcohol, it turns red, shows the message “Don’t drink and drive,” and offers the snacker a $10 Uber credit to get home safe on Feb. 5. It’s unclear how many Uber discount codes the bag will provide.

The bags are also equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, AdWeek notes, allowing users to tap their phone against the bag to call Uber.

While the bag is a fun way for party guests to entertain themselves — and to score a cheaper ride home — it is not an actual breathalyzer, and should not be used by party goers to determine if they can actually drive home.

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