Residents Of NJ Neighborhood Say Comcast Can't Fix Oft-Interrupted Service

Comcast may care, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s competent. A chronic, unidentified problem is reportedly wrecking customers’ phone, cable and internet service in a Holiday City, New Jersey neighborhood, and the problems continue despite countless service calls.

Jersey paper The Star-Ledger asked around and found several residents who say Comcast is quick to respond to complaints, but can never fix the problem. One poorly served customer is a 90-year-old woman whose life alert system relies on her phone to call medical professionals if she needs help. If the phone system goes offline, as it does often, she’s virtually stranded. When she suffered a nuerological attack while her phone was out, luckily a helper with a cell phone was nearby.

Some in the affected area say Comcast reps have told them that the wiring infrastructure is at fault. The company denies this is the case.

Says a spokesman:

“Through our ongoing, 24×7 monitoring of the network and the additional attention we placed on the immediate neighborhood, we know there are no widespread service issues affecting Holiday City. In fact, the area is fed by multiple, entirely separate network sources.”

Bad Comcast connection brings neighbors together [The Star-Ledger]

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