Adjustments To Help You Save Time And Money

Little tweaks you make to your daily routine can snowball into significant changes. For an example, take toothpaste. You don’t need much on your brush to get the job done, but you probably cover the entire face of the brush with the product. Cut the amount in half and it will take you twice as long to use up the tube.

ReadyForZero offers a bunch of different tips along that line of thinking. Here are some of the most effective:

* Shift to four 10s. Year-round three-day weekends become reality if you can convince your boss to let you work 10-hour days four times a week. You’ll cut the time and money you spend on your commute by 20 percent.

* Drive slower. Slamming on the gas may feel empowering, but it really doesn’t get you to your destination much quicker and causes you to spend more on gas. The post says that every five miles per hour you drive over 60 burns your gas faster, making you pay 26 cents more per gallon.

* Eat easy breakfasts. A satisfying breakfast helps you avoid the gauntlet of office snacks, but it’s tough to find time to slap something together if you’re always in a rush getting ready in the morning. Shifting to grab-and-chomp options, such as bagels or breakfast bards, is one option. Another is to keep a box of instant oatmeal packets at the office so you can zap yourself some breakfast during morning downtime.

The Daily Commute: 7 Ways to Maximize Time and Save Money [ReadyForZero]

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