Man Robbing Beauty Supply Store Asks Which Hair Extensions Are The Best To Steal

Stealing low-quality merchandise is not worth your time, which is why one man accused of robbing a beauty supply store in Dallas stopped to ask an employee which of the various brands of hair extensions were the nicest before stealing them.

Store employee Benitra was about to close the store up for the night, when a man with a mask on forced his way in, pointed a gun and told her and the manager to get on the floor, says WLBZ NBC.

The man ordered Benitra to put all the money from the register in a bag, which she did, but that wasn’t enough — he asked for the change too, as he had children, she said.

Along with those kids, it seems the robber also has a very demanding girlfriend. Benitra told officials he said, “My b**** needs some hair extensions, which are the best ones?”

Fighting the urge to laugh, she says she was too shocked to make an expert decision and instead just grabbed whatever she could and handed them over. He left with his loot, to the relief of Benitra.

She wants him to be caught, and has some choice words for his girlfriend about her ill-gotten hair extensions.

“Well, I hope she doesn’t like them.”

Robber demands cash and hair extensions during salon stick-up [WLBZ]


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  1. Coffee says:

    Is it racist of me to assume that this guy is Croatian?

  2. PLATTWORX says:

    What a wonderful father that not only robs a store but refers to his other half in such a loving way by saying “My b**** needs some hair extensions, which are the best ones?”

    He’s a catch ladies.

  3. May contain snark says:

    We know how to keep it classy in Dallas.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      Indeed, which is why I’m considering moving away. Need to read that ‘selling your house in winter’ article I suppose.

      • Martha Gail says:

        People driving into my lake has me considering moving. Oh and all the DART deaths lately. What is up with that?

  4. IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

    Awesome dad to think of the kids. I hope he used the quarters to buy them a bouncy ball or Runts on the way out.

  5. Firevine says:

    He had to rob the place, because growing hair is hard.

  6. May contain snark says:

    and this isn’t an isolated incident. There was a store that got broken into not far from me where thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of expensive remy hair.

  7. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    Honey, I’m going out to rob the beauty supply store, do you need anything?

  8. homehome says:

    stealing hair is actually very profitable. and i remember it is one of the highest stolen products because of that.

    • dolemite says:

      Well damn, that explains this thin spot on my crown. I’m going to have a long talk with the wife when I get home.

  9. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Damn. Rick James has really hit bottom.

  10. chizu says:

    I was a Sally Beauty Salon for the first time a while ago. They had real human hair extension near the counter and I was surprised to see how much they were. The cheapest ones were around $80 something, and with most running in the mid 100. So a handful of those things will land you around a few hundred dollars… The girl in front of me got them and was actually wearing one, you probably couldn’t tell it wasn’t her real hair if it wasn’t for the way she put her hair up… (she flipped it up, so you could see the “roots” or nets under)

  11. deathbecomesme says:

    At least he is an informed thief! He made sure to get an expert opinion before “obtaining” a product. Unlike so many consumers out there!

    • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

      I’m sure he had some advice from his b**** before he robbed the place. Something tells me he didn’t think this up on his own.

  12. sadie kate says:

    I kind of love Benitra.It’s impressive to keep a sense of humor after being robbed at gunpoint.

  13. phsiii says:

    There was a string of Sally Beauty Supply robberies around here a few years ago, but they only took the high-end scissors and suchlike. I suggested that the robber obviously worked for Hair Cutlery. Nobody seemed to get it…

  14. tundey says:

    Nothing sucks more than robbing a beauty store and having to come back because you forgot to get extensions for your bitch.