You Can't Fix A Washing Machine With A Microwave Door

Lori’s front-loading Whirlpool washing machine is broken, and has been since the end of November. This would be less infuriating if Lowe’s hadn’t sent six large boxes of the wrong parts to her house, as well as two repairmen who can’t do anything because the correct parts still haven’t shown up. She wrote to Consumerist in what is clearly a laundry-induced rage.

We purchased a whirlpool front loader washer from Lowes on 12/1/10 and on 11/27/11 it BROKE, we called Lowes first they sent a repair person out the very next day. They ordered parts and sent the 2 guys out to fix it – when the guys opened the boxes, one part was broken and the other was a MICROWAVE DOOR !

After many times calling the repair place and whirlpool its self we now have 6 BIG boxes in the garage of THE WRONG parts and still NO WASHER on January 4th. Today was the topper, they called last week and said that we had all the parts, we then tell them NO we don’t, they say YES you do. So I told them to send the repair guy out in which they did.

He comes and says that we are missing a part – I tell him that I TOLD his company that but they said we had it. He then leaves saying he will check on the part and call me. He calls back and says he’s coming back to double check to make sure we don’t have the part. So in other words [they think that] we were lying about not having the part!

ITS A STEEL DRUM to a WASHER why would I lie about not having it and go without a washer this entire time (with 2 kids, if you have kids you know how much laundry you can have in a week never mind 4).

We have put in a complaint with the BBB but they say they have until January 16th to get back in touch with us! HOW MUCH LONGER DO I HAVE TO GO WITHOUT A WASHER ???

You could always follow the example of a disgruntled Best Buy customer a few years ago and take your laundry to Lowe’s. Or not.

We’re going to try tweeting Whirlpool for help after this post goes up. We also published some helpful customer service contacts in a 2010 post about another failed Whirlpool product.

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