Man Pays Best Buy For Washer/Dryer, It Doesn't Appear, Takes Laundry To Store, Shames Store Into Delivering

After Best Buy blew two delivery dates on the washer/dryer he paid $1,600 for at Best Buy on Black Friday to arrive, a man decided to take his dirty laundry to the store. He had unhooked his washer/dryer at home in anticipation of the new appliances and wanted to know which washer of theirs they wanted him to wash his clothes in while he waited for his. His buddies videotaped the adventure. This plan didn’t go ever so hot with Best Buy management. Let’s roll the clip:

The manager appears at about the 3:20 mark. She calls the cops, accuses them of being drunk, and kicks them out. She doesn’t even seem to be interested in finding out why they’re there. The man had paid $1600 for his washer/dryer and Best Buy was more concerned that he was bothering their associates by asking for them to fulfill their legal obligation to deliver the goods. They certainly had no problem, however, with advertising these washer and dryers for Black Friday, selling more of them then they had in stock, and promising a delivery date they couldn’t live up to.

His video getting popular on Reddit seemed to help, though, as yesterday he uploaded this clip, of his new washer and dryer getting delivered, with free delivery:

“Best Buy really came through and made up on this one. I appreciate this customer support I received after a bit of turmoil,” he says.

So, in the end, maybe he was a bit of a dick, but it’s what got the job done.

(Thanks to Josh!)

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