Comcast Balks On Replacing Cockroach-Infested Cable Box

We’ve certainly gotten a number of complaints about Comcast cable boxes containing bugs of the electronic glitch variety, but an Illinois man received a box from Kabletown that he says was full of actual cockroaches.

The man tells the Chicago Sun-Times that soon after the Comcast installer left his house, the roaches began spilling out of the cable box. He tells the paper that he spent several days calling Comcast customer service and going to the local office, all to no avail. He requested new equipment but was told he would need to wait until another installer was available to come out to his house.

“Why wouldn’t they just take the time to bring you new equipment?” he asked the Sun-Times.

A rep for Comcast tells the paper that the box was eventually replaced for free and that the company apologized for not handling the problem in a way that would indicate they treat customers at all like human beings.

Aurora resident says Comcast equipment has bugs — literally []

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