Man Claims His $800 Water Bill Is An Error Since He Hasn't Used 80,000 Gallons Of Water In The Last Month

Rod lives a quiet life as a 90-year-old retiree and World War II vet on a fixed income. He doesn’t run a water park out of his house and didn’t set up a gaudy fountain in his back yard. Which makes an $800 water bill for one month of usage pretty odd.

CBS Local in Los Angeles says the arrival of the astronomical bill threw Rod, a San Clemente resident, for a loop.

“One-third of my monthly income is for my water bill — that’s not normal,” he told the station, as his usual bill is around $50 or $60 a month.

No, it’s not normal — and in fact, Rod calculated that he would’ve had to use 80,000 gallons more than his average usage to hike a bill up that high. He’s already quite a conserver, as he collects extra shower water in a bucket every day to use in his garden has low-flow toilets and shut-off valves and fixed the one small leak he was aware of.

He says the water company tested his meter, and couldn’t find anything wrong that would explain the bill. Even if someone were to siphon water from his front yard, he figures they’d have to fill up a 250-gallon water tank 335 times to steal $800 worth of water.

“Somebody’s made a mistake somewhere and I don’t think it’s me,” says Rod, who’s worried as the amount will be debited from his checking account automatically.

$800 Bill Has San Clemente Resident Wondering Where Extra $80,000 Gallons of Water Went [CBS Los Angeles]

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