What Your Tire Tread Tells You About Driving Danger

Driving on bald tires jeopardizes your own safety on the road, as well as that of everyone around you. Frugal types like to squeeze every mile possible out of their tires, but it’s a bad idea to push them to the limit.

Dummies.com presents a guide to help you read your tire tread and determine actions you need to take.

Some tips from the post:

* If your center treads are worn. This means your tires are probably overinflated. Check the recommendations in your manual and on the inside of your door and let some air out.

* One side is worn more than the other. It’s time for a rotation. In order to save trips to a mechanic, consider having your tires rotated at every oil change.

* Tread-wear indicators are visible. Many tires have hard rubber bars that become visible when your tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch. If you see the bars, it’s probably time to get new tires.

Checking Your Tires for Wear [Dummies.com]

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