Woman Rejects Honda Settlement, Claims Her Civic Didn't Live Up To Its Advertised Gas Mileage

Not content with a proposed settlement from Honda over claims that their Civic Hybrids don’t live up to their advertised gas mileage, a woman is bringing the car manufacturers to small-claims court to get what she thinks is her due.

The settlement was a result of five class-action cases against Honda, says USA Today, alleging that Honda engaged in false advertising. Heather wasn’t happy with the terms of the settlement and is going to the mattresses with a social media campaign to spread the word about her case.

Honda wants to give owners of 2002 to 2009 Civic Hybrid between $100 and $200 to make amends. Meanwhile, the lawyers in the case would reportedly get $8.5 million. Heather’s side says Honda has pushed the small-claims court appearance four times already.

If things go well with Heather, she can win up to $10,000 (compensation for what she paid extra to make up for the lack of the advertised gas mileage), while Honda isn’t even allowed to bring in lawyers for the case. Sounds weird, except that in California, where the case is taking place, lawyers are not allowed to participate in the small-claims process, except in an appeal, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court’s website.

*Thanks to Wayne for the tip!

Woman takes Honda to small-claims court over gas mileage [USA Today]

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