Which Online Retailers Have The Fastest & Slowest Delivery Times?

Today is Free Shipping Day, which is pretty self-explanatory, but free shipping doesn’t mean good shipping. That’s why the folks at STELLAservice wanted to know which of the top 25 online retailers were able to get you your order in a timely manner.

To test the sites, STELLA ordered several items from each of the retailers listed below and had them sent via whatever that site deemed “standard delivery” to various locations around the country.

Zappos.com had the fastest average shipping time, at exactly two days, followed by NewEgg (2.3 days) and HP (2.5 days).

On the bottom end of the list is ToysRus.com and HSN, each with 5.5 day delivery times. Kohls.com was the only other site that required five or more days for delivery.

Zappos also led the list of sites that did better than the initial delivery estimates, as the site lists 4-5 days but stuff arrived in two. Other sites with better-than-estimated shipping are SonyStyle.com (Real shipping time 2.8 days/ Estimated delivery time 5-7 days); Newegg.com: (Real shipping time 2.3 days/ Estimated delivery time 4-7 days); HPShopping.com: (Real shipping time: 2.5 days/ Estimated delivery time 5-7 days); Amazon.com: (Real shipping time: 2.7 days/ Estimated delivery time 3-5 days); Dell.com: (Real shipping time: 2.8 days/ Estimated delivery time 3-7 days).

In regional terms orders delivered to West Coast addresses had to wait the longest, 3.7 days, while here on the East Coast deliveries fared slightly better at 3.4 days.

Here’s the full list of average delivery times for the 25 sites:
1. Zappos.com- 2.0 days
2. Newegg.com- 2.3 days
3. HPShopping.com- 2.5 days
4. Jcpenney.com- 2.7 days
5. Amazon.com- 2.7 days
6. Gap.com- 2.8 days
7. Dell.com- 2.8 days
8. Sonystyle.com- 2.8 days
9. Williams-Sonoma.com- 3.2 days
10. Nordstrom.com- 3.2 days
11. LLBean.com- 3.3 days
12. BestBuy.com- 3.3 days
13. Macys.com- 3.5 days
14. Shop.avon.com- 3.7 days
15. Overstock.com- 3.8 days
16. Store.Apple.com- 4.0 days
17. Target.com- 4.0 days
18. Walmart.com- 4.0 days
19. VictoriasSecret.com- 4.2 days
20. QVC.com- 4.3 days
21. Sears.com- 4.3 days
22. Buy.com- 4.4 days
23. Kohls.com- 5.0 days
24. HSN.com- 5.5 days
25. ToysRUs.com- 5.5 days

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