Getting Away With A Crime Is Harder When You Pocket Dial 911

It’s always nice when crimedoers save police some work and basically catch themselves, isn’t it? A pair of alleged thieves in Wisconsin were apprehended after one of them accidentally called 911 on his cell phone, from his pocket.

Madison police say the men stole DVDs and computer games from a Target store, and were driving away from the scene when the pocket dial occurred, says the Huffington Post. Turns out they were discussing their plans to sell the stuff they’d just stolen, and a 911 dispatcher listened in.

The conversation went on for an hour, all while the dispatcher was on the call. They even went so far as to talk about their car and describe it, which is pretty handy for cops when trying to apprehend someone.

When they finally stopped hemming and hawing over where to sell their stuff and picked a video store, they pulled in to find authorities waiting for them, guns drawn. They were, of course, arrested.

*Thanks to my mom, who has done her share of pocket-dialing, for the tip!

Alleged Thieves Arrested After Pocket-dialing 911 [Huffington Post]

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