Time Warner Cable Has No Idea What It Is Supposed To Charge You

Consumerist reader Stephen is a Time Warner Cable customer who is considering ditching cable TV and opting instead to use services like Hulu and Netflix for his video-based entertainment. So one would think that a simple chat with TWC would inform him of exactly how much his bill would be if he dropped cable and switch to internet-only. One would think that, but one would be mistaken.

What follows is a chat transcript between Stephen and a TWC chat sales rep who seems to be completely unable to offer basic pricing information.

Reader: I’d like to know what my bill would be if I dropped my TV services and just had the¬†10mbps RoadRunner w/o powerboost.

TWC: I would be more than happy to assist you…

If you’d like help in removing services, I recommend calling in to our customer care¬†department. Because, as a Time Warner Cable customer you are able to call in after your promotion has ended and be able to¬†take advantage of any promotional rates we are offering at the time. Unfortunately I would not be able to further assist¬†you as I am in Online Sales and assist new customers in setting up services with us

Reader: I’m unable to call in.

TWC: Okay unfortunately the Customer Care does not have a Chat tool

Reader: You can’t tell me the cost of the 10MB roadrunner w/o powerboost?

I’m not asking you to make any changes to my account… But just to give me the cost of a service.

TWC: I can not as i am in the Online Sales department, i do not have those prices available on my end

Reader: You’re in sales, but you don’t have prices?

Surely you must know what roadrunner costs once a promotional period has expired?

TWC: No because i assist in upgrading or adding services.

Reader: Ok. If I wanted to add roadrunner 10MB, what would it cost?

TWC: I do not have current pricing available in my department

Reader: Just to be clear: You sell products, but do not know what they cost. Is that correct?

TWC: No i sell products to New Customers 

Reader: If I were a new customer

TWC: at a promotional rate

Reader: What would Roadrunner 10MB cost?

TWC: 29.99 which is a New Customer Price

Reader: And after that new customer price?

TWC: I do not have those prices available in my department

Reader: Well thank you for this enlightening conversation. It has been, at the very least,¬†good for a laugh. Maybe it’ll even end up on Consumerist. Who knows. Have a wonderful day.

TWC: Was there any further sales questions i can assist you with today?

Reader: There are no additional questions for you to not help with, no. Thank you. Have a good day.

Meanwhile, this all comes as TWC seeks to raise rates on customers in some areas. The L.A. Times reports that some customers in California are seeing rates going up by more than 25% in the next month. If that doesn’t earn them a slot in March’s Worst Company in America brackets, we don’t know what will.

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