Steps To Take Before You Start Running

So you’ve plumped up over the holidays and have decided you’re going to jog off the flab. Bear in mind that there’s more to starting your new career as a runner than just lacing up your cross trainers and scampering in circles around the neighborhood. Rush into the hobby the same way you did that pecan pie on Sunday and you could burn yourself out.

A Yoga.Eat.Run post tips wannabe runners should keep in mind before they start:

* Buddy up. The great secret of running, especially at long distances, is that the activity is incredibly boring. Finding someone to slog through the miles with you will provide motivation — you will subtly compete and hold each other accountable — and keep things interesting.

* Take it slow. Keep the distances short and the pace slow in the beginning. If you make your first runs hellish experiences, odds are you won’t want to come back for more. When you get tired or start to cramp up, slow down or take a break.

* Don’t turn into an icicle. The pity of inspiration for a New Year’s running resolution is that it hits in winter. It’s cold out there, and failing to layer on enough clothing will turn your run into more of a frigid waddle. Don’t forget to cover your ears with a beanie or hood.

Running 101 For Beginners [Yoga.Eat.Run]

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