Shoppers Duke It Out Over Air Jordans

Although there may not have been a must-buy toy to cause a shopping frenzy this holiday season, a shoe managed to make adults behave like children. Police were called to various locations across the country to break up scuffles over the latest Nike Air Jordans.

According to the AP, violence broke out in such places as New Jersey, California, Georgia and Washington state. The $180 shoe went on sale Friday, spurring obsessive shoppers to engage in altercations that included an accidental gunshot, a store break-in, an attack on an officer and police pepper spraying a crowd of 20 shoppers.

Although it’s no excuse for lawless behavior by shoppers, the shoe’s reportedly short supply didn’t help the situation. Stores around the country reported the shoes quickly selling out.

New Air Jordans cause frenzy [AP via Sports Illustrated]

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