Sony's Next Handheld Requires Sold-Separately Memory Cards

Due out in February, the PlayStation Vita starts at $250, but those who would like to be able to save their games will need a proprietary memory card that isn’t included with the device. Unlike Sony’s last handheld, the PSP — which accepted relatively cheap run-of-the-mill memory sticks, the Vita demands special memory sticks that range from $20 to $100.

Kotaku relays Sony’s pricing for the device’s accessories, noting that the Vita memory sticks are less expensive than what was expected, compared to Japanese pricing. Players will be able to buy Vita games in downloadable and boxed forms, but downloadable games and some of the retail titles will require the memory stick to save progress.

Those who run out and buy the Vita who aren’t aware of the requirement will probably find themselves doubling back to the store unless they plan on playing games to their completion in one sitting. Which won’t be easy to do, given that the device reportedly has a three-hour battery life.

The PS Vita’s Memory Cards Cost Less Than Expected, but Still Essentially Mandatory [Kotaku]

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