HTC: We Can't Make Better Phones If We're Always Fixing Yours

William has tried everything to get a working HTC smartphone: he’s e-mailed executives and he’s visited his local Sprint store for help. The company replaced his broken Evo Shift with a Design. Yay! …except that on the new phone, no one can hear him. HTC won’t send a replacement phone. Not because he’s not entitled to one, but because William tried had swapped in a battery from his old phone when the replacement had shipped with a bad one.

I bought an HTC Evo Shift wireless and have had nothing but problems with it. Most recently, when trying to send text messages, a delete message screen pops up or it will take me all the way to the top of the message. HTC promised to call me back on a certain date and time, but they did not. I e-mailed executives at HTC. In the end, HTC could not fix the problem, because they could not reproduce the errors on their end.

HTC sent me a HTC Design phone, and I sent them the Evo Shift back. When the phone arrived, it would not turn on. I tried an Evo Shift battery in it, but it wouldn’t fit in the phone. I took the phone to the Sprint Store. [T.]. waited on me. He could not get the phone to turn on with the battery that came with the Design. He asked a repair technician there, and he said the battery was bad. Sprint was nice enough to swap out the battery for me. When I got home, I tried calling people with the phone with the same earpiece I used on the Evo Shift, but people could not hear me. I will not put the phone to my head, because I don’t want the risk of getting a brain tumor. I contacted HTC. HTC told me he would send me out a new Design phone. Then, 2 days later they sent me an e-mail saying he changed their mind and they won’t send me out a new phone, because I tried the Shift battery in the Design phone.

HTC was very rude. They told me that they cannot make better phones if they’re always trying to fix the defects in my phone.

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