The Point Of A Monogrammed Bathrobe Is That Someone Has To Monogram It

The point of ordering a monogrammed bathrobe for someone as a gift is that you want to give a monogrammed bathrobe as a gift. Jennifer planned to give such a gift this Christmas, and ordered the robe from Brookstone at the beginning of the month. It arrived without the monogram, and thus without the point. The best Brookstone has been able to offer her is a $20 gift card. She is not pleased.

Here’s the e-mail she sent to Brookstone:

On December 1st I placed an order through your website for a monogrammed robe for a Christmas present. On December 9th I received a robe that was not monogrammed and contacted your customer service promptly, providing my order number 21174312. I was told the matter would be taken care of and I would receive the correct item soon. By December 19th I had not received the item and placed another call to Brookstone. After waiting on hold well over 15 minutes, I finally spoke to someone who told me that no one had taken care of the issue and he would try to get it fixed. I told the representative that I needed the robe as a Christmas gift and that if I could not receive it by Christmas, I wanted a full refund. He told me he would have someone call me back.

Today, Wednesday December 21st, I received a voicemail saying my order could not be filled and shipped by Christmas and that I could keep the wrong item and they would send me a $20 gift card. I tried to call back your customer service number but after being on hold for 10 minutes, I hung up.

A $20 gift card is not sufficient with the poor customer service I have received, along with the wrong item. I am very disappointed with the poor customer service I have received from Brookstone. I understand that mistakes are made but the fact that the mistake was not rectified when I first called is very disappointing or that could not ship my item before Christmas with overnight delivery.

Please send me a shipping label so that I may send you back the wrong item.

Brookstone hasn’t been able to resolve the issue, and Jennifer plans to resort to a chargeback.

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