Walmart Pulls Baby Formula From Shelves As Precaution Following Death Of Newborn

Out of precaution, Walmart has pulled a specific lot of Enfamil powdered baby formula from the shelves of all its stores following the death of a newborn child in Missouri earlier this week.

“We extend our deepest condolences to this baby boy’s family as they try to come to grips with their loss,” a Wal-Mart spokeswoman tells CNN. “As soon as we heard what happened, we immediately reached out to the manufacturer of the formula and to the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide any information we may have to help with the investigation.”

According to reports, the 10-day-old baby died of a rare bacterial infection not long after being fed Enfamil Newborn — lot #ZP1K7G — which had been purchased at a nearby Walmart. It is not know whether the formula is even related to the child’s passing, but the retail chain opted to pull it from shelves while testing continues.

Mead Johnson Nutrition, the makers of Enfamil, says it is confident in the testing it does before its products hit store shelves.

“Every batch of our product that goes out the door is tested for cronobacter before it goes out the door,” a rep for the company tells WebMD. “So we will go back and check the (records to make sure this lot was tested. We are sharing all our information with authorities so they can track down the source.”

As of now, there is no broader recall listed for the baby formula.

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