We're Sorry, Your Delicious Package Of Treats Was Intercepted By Post Office Rats

Rodents make the worst postal workers, especially when delicious, edible holiday treats are involved. One post office in Manhattan had a few rats and/or mice working over packages before they reached their intended destinations, resulting in a holiday surprise of a different kind.

The New York Times‘ Andy Newman shows photographic evidence of a few packages, one from the Vermont Brownie Company, gnawed through by rodents and sent to the NYT offices via the Midtown Post Office.

Two large holes in the box, worked over by teeth, and not a brownie in sight. The proof that there were supposed to be treats inside comes by way of a card, reading, “Our brownies are individually wrapped so they stay fresh.” We’re sure the little beasties enjoyed the freshness!

Other packages arrived yesterday bearing similar holes, one chewed through and missing exotic chocolates, and another with a side nibbled away, but with its tin of fudge unmolested.

Being the ever-investigative NYT, reporters headed to the suspected source, where post office workers did admit the existence of rats.

A spokesperson also commented on the problem.

“The little animals can smell the chocolate and goodies,” she said. “At Midtown they’ve been very good at putting things in cabinets to keep them away from nibbles, but this time of year they just have more packages than they do have space to accommodate them.”

But unless that package is insured, the post office will not recompense you, even against hungry, hungry rats.

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