FedEx Thinks This Is An Appropriate Place To Leave A Package

Consumerist reader Tim was a bit annoyed when he got an e-mail saying a delivery from FedEx had been left at his doorstep. But that was nothing compared to what the FedEx driver did to his next door neighbor.

“When I arrived home, I noticed my neighbor’s package on the balcony and took photos,” Time tells Consumerist. “Since he lives on the top floor, he had to pull out a ladder to take the package down as the lower level neighbor was on vacation.”

At least they let his neighbor know that they had placed the package on the “Balkon,” not to be confused with Balki Bartokomous.

Tim says he sent off an EECB to FedEx execs to find out if this sort of delivery is in line with company policy and considered good delivery.


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