Drive Through Hoops To Save Money On Insurance

Of all the regular costs that dog car owners, liability insurance is among the cruelest. You only get the best rates if you never file claims, so careful drivers end up subsidizing the costs incurred by reckless ones. The best drivers can hope for is to find the lowest rate by shopping around and taking advantage of every discount.

Thousandaire advocates checking with your insurer for discounts. He found a way to score a defensive driving class discount by taking an online class. To make the deal even sweeter, he found an online coupon that saved $5 on the class.

If you have a clean driving record, you can call your insurance agent and ask if you’re eligible for cheaper rates. If you get stonewalled, it may be time to start looking for quotes from competitors.

Save $220 on Car Insurance for Defensive Driving [Thousandaire]

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