You Can Probably Find A Dollar Store Faster Than A Drugstore

Need something quick? You might be able to dash out and find a dollar store faster than you can spot a chain drugstore location. A new study says drugstores are being outpaced in numbers by the total amount of dollar stores in the U.S. says the dollar store is on the rise, as consumers scale back spending and cut their expenses with the cheapest products they can find. Accordingly, chains like Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar are making leaps and bounds in their sales, which in turn, leads them to open new locations.

Dollar store locations have now surpassed the number of drugstores in the U.S., says a study by retail research firm Colliers International. Counting up the the four biggest national dollar chains and comparing them against the three biggest drugstore chains, there are 21,500 dollar stores against 19,700 drugstores.

Of course, there are some smaller drugstores left out there, and not all chains are included, like New York City’s Duane Reade.

The lure of dollar stores can be the appeal of convenience, or simply the fact that some towns that are too small to have a Walmart will likely still have a dollar store. And even if everything isn’t definitely a dollar in there, it can be a lot cheaper than other stores for grabbing stuff you need.

More Chain Dollar Stores Than Drugstores in the U.S., Says Study [Time]

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