Think Like A Pauper Rather Than A Prince To Get A Fairy Tale Ending

When you’re young, you probably don’t dream of scraping by on a tiny paycheck and subsisting on Ramen and a threadbare wardrobe. Newly minted adults, as well as older people who should know better, can fall into the trap of sinking into debt to buy the trappings they think they deserve rather than living within their means.

The Debt Princess partially blames the unrealistic expectations that fairy tales imprinted on her for her princess mentality that caused her to sink into debt. She shares a cautionary tale about how she overdid it with credit cards, hoping that a storybook ending would whisk away all her money troubles and grant her the life she figured was coming.

Her tale does have a happy ending, but there’s nothing magical about it. She’s climbing out of debt by living well within her means rather than far above them. She writes, “Make your dreams happen on your own. For me, it’s happening late in life but like most things, it’s better late than never.”

Shut It, Cinderella!: The High Price of the Princess Mentality [The Debt Princess]

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