EECB Gets Dell's Attention, Better Computer Shipped Overnight

The Dell Inspiron 2305 is a slick-looking all-in-one touchscreen desktop computer. The one Mike received wasn’t as fun to live with as it was to look at, though. He had his computer replaced once, but the replacement had video card problems that led it to freeze. Frustrated, he lobbed an executive e-mail carpet bomb at Dell higher-ups, and it was effective. Very effective. Soon, Dell overnighted a similar but more expensive computer to Mike’s house.

First off, I want to say that I don’t really have any issues with Dell Customer Support. I found most of the agents I spoke with helpful, understanding, and other than a few long hold times, the experience with their tech support was pretty good.

Now for the juice. I have gone through two Dell 2305’s both with the freezing / video card issue.

After some back and forth with tech support I decided to document my experiences over the past few months and hinted at a class action over an obvious lemon in a letter that I sent in an executive email bomb to whatever executive email I could get my hands on.

I sent the email at 11:30 at night and 8:30 the next morning I received a call from executive customer support. After a few minutes explaining my issues and my history with Dell not only am I getting a new computer but an upgrade to a 2320, a computer almost double what I paid for my 2305 refurb, plus it was shipped overnight. WOW, that’s service.

I’m sorry that it had to come to that but if you fight for whats right and learn to escalate your argument accordingly you can come out on top as the consumer.

Thanks for all the tips consumerist!

That’s wonderfully responsive for Dell – this must be a documented problem. Great to hear that they were so responsive and helpful in the face of clear mechanical failure.

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