McDonald's Fined $1.8 Million In Brazil Over Happy Meal Toys

Looks like San Francisco isn’t the only place that has a problem with McDonald’s including free toys in its Happy Meals. The fast food giant has been fined approximately $1.8 million by a Brazilian agency that claims the freebies in McDonald’s kids’ meals promotes bad eating habits in children.

The Consumer Defense Foundation had originally filed a complaint accusing McDonald’s of “encouraging the formation of distorted values” by enticing children with giveaways in Happy Meals. But the foundation alleges that McDonald’s has since aired 18 ad campaigns targeting children.

McDonald’s, which can appeal the ruling, says it has been following the letter of the law, as the Happy Meal toys can be purchased separately from the meals themselves.

This news comes less than a week after San Francisco’s ban on free toys in kid’s meals kicked in. Both McDonald’s and Burger King announced they would get around the ban by charging a $.10 fee for the plastic gewgaws.

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McDonald’s Fined In Brazil For Including Toys In Kids Meals []

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