San Francisco Burger Kings Also Charging $.10 To Get Around Kids' Meal Toy Ban

Today, San Francisco’s dreaded ban on including free toys in fast food kids’ meals kicks in. McDonald’s has already announced that it will get around the regulation by charging an additional $.10 for the definitely-not-covered-in-lead-paint-and-cadmium toys. And because everyone loves a loophole, the royal court of the Burger King has ruled that it will also follow suit.

“Toys will be available for purchase for 10 cents more,” a rep for the King tells

But while McDonald’s has said it will be funneling the $.10 “but mom, I NEED to have that movie tie-in toy!” fee to its Ronald McDonald House organization, BK has yet to select a beneficiary of the extra cash.

It’s unlikely that this one-dime work-around will please the lawmakers who created this new regulation, as their intent was to both dissuade fast food restaurants from marketing to children and to compel the eateries to create healthier menus for children. It certainly wasn’t to charge these kids’ parents extra money.

Burger King joins McDonald’s in charging for kids’ meal toys

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