Steps To Stop Social Media From Sucking Away All Your Time

Not that this has happened to us, but our friends say that they’ve found themselves wasting away entire days at work not having accomplished much of anything other than getting sucked into an endless vortex of status updates, instant messages and YouTube videos. Social media is a powerful tool that can actually increase your efficiency, but it can also dominate those who lack the discipline to compartmentalize it.

On her blog, Annemarie offers tips on how to use social media responsibly during work hours:

* If you’re on a deadline, unplug and tune out. Come crunch time, don’t give the internet a chance to sidetrack you and jeopardize your professional standing. Close down apps and shut off notifications that may throw you off course.

* Set time limits and stick to them. Block off the final 15 minutes of each hour to indulge your social media addictions. You can go even further by limiting yourself to five minutes of Facebook, five for personal email and five to check out a video.

* Go with your inner workflow. If you’re best at cranking out memos and reports early in the morning when your mind is fresh, don’t waste your magic hours on Twitter. Save the noise for your brain-dead post-lunch hour.

Is Social Media Reducing Your Productivity? [Annemarie Cross]

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