Home Depot Staff Makes 8-Hour Trip To Find Me A Snow Blower

Consumerist reader Matt and his wife recently went to Home Depot to try to purchase a snow blower for the coming winter. But that Halloween weekend snow storm apparently caused an early run on the machines and no one could give them a clear answer on exactly when they would be back in stock.

Writes Matt:

After talking to one of the Home Depot associates we were told they would have some more probably in a week. We checked back the next week and were told the same thing. I carefully watched my store’s inventory supply on HomeDepot.com but they have been sold out for the last month along with every other Home Depot in a fifty miles radius. Finally we talked with an assistant manager who told us that they were actually not sure when more would arrive.

So Matt shot of a note to Home Depot HQ, which resulted in a call from the manager of his local store, who apologized for both the shortage and the lack of definite information on when more blowers would be in stock.

Continues Matt:

However, since he wanted to make sure I get what I want he went and found one of the models (Deluxe 28″) for us at a Home Depot store in Rochester, which is about four hours away from where we are. He said he was going to have it transferred to his store for us; it would take a week for delivery and we could pick it up the following Saturday, the 10th. He would call us when it came in. I couldn’t thank him enough. He had already gone way above and beyond to help us out.

But it gets better. I received a call back from him today telling us the snow blower was at the store ready for pickup.

I thought this seemed very fast and asked how it was possible. Rather than make us wait, he decided to send out two of his guys to go pick the snow blower up so that we could have it sooner. It’s a four hour trip both ways. I was floored.

I was already pretty devoted Home Depot customer but this guy just made me a loyal customer for life. It’s nice to know this level of customer service does still exist.

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