Hillshire Farms Compensates For Your Forgetfulness With Free Sausages

Admit it, you’ve done what Matthew did at some point in your life. You’ve left perishable food in your car for an extended period after coming home from the store. He left a few packages of Hillshire Farms sausages out overnight. He wondered whether the sausages, being precooked and smoked and all, might be able to survive a night in his vehicle. So he called to ask. He expected advice…not coupons for free sausages.

I bought a couple of packages of Hillshire Farms precooked smoked sausages. However, I left them in my car over night. I called to ask if they would be alright to eat, and the customer service representative (I forget his name sadly), informed me that they were most likely bad. However, he then proceeded to ask me for some information, and after I gave it to him he informed me that he was sending me two things for full price sausage packages!

I didn’t ask for them and I was very surprised when he told me he was going to give them to me. He went above and beyond all because I asked about how long the meat stayed good for. I felt like this is something that needed to be shared!

Nicely done, Hillshire Farm! For the cost of a few coupons, you helped a customer feel slightly less stupid, earning the loyalty of absentminded sausage fans everywhere.

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