GameStop Employee Sues For Time Spent Being Checked For Stolen Games

Considering that so much of the retail theft that occurs each year is a result of sticky-fingered employees, some stores like GameStop have apparently instituted policies that require staffers to be checked for pilfered product when they go to take a break during the workday. But one employee at the video game chain says these breaks cut into the amount of time allotted for mandatory lunch and rest breaks — and he’s suing to get paid for that time.

The suit was filed in a California Superior Court by the employee on behalf of all hourly GameStop employees who have worked at the store since June 21, 2010. The complaint seeks one hour’s worth of pay for each day in which adequate meal and rest breaks were not provided, along with additional damages.

From (not to be confused with GameStop):

The suit also makes a handful of other allegations stemming from uncompensated time spent undergoing security checks. These allegations state that GameStop has failed to adequately compensate employees for work shifts that exceed eight hours, as well as not providing accurately itemized wage statements.

Earlier this month, a group of nurses in Colorado sued their employer, claiming they should be paid for the time it takes every day to change in and out of their required scrubs.

GameStop slapped with workers’ rights suit []

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