Ocean Spray Voluntarily Recalls Craisins For Possible Contamination

Watch out for “hair-like metal fragments” if you’re munching on some Craisins — Ocean Spray has recalled certain lots of its dried cranberries for possible contamination.

The FDA says consumers should avoid 5-, 10- and 48-oz bags of Original Flavor Craisins and 10-lb. bags of bulk dried sweetened cranberries after Ocean Spray discovered some of those aforementioned fragments in the fruit.

The small packages will have “Best By” dates between Oct. 27 and Nov. 11 of this year, whereas the bulk 10-lb. bags are marked between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5 of 2013. The only ones to worry about are dates that are followed by an M.

MSNBC says the contamination was the result of an equipment malfunction on a production line at one of Ocean Spray’s cranberry-making facilities, and that the problem has been corrected.

Check out the complete list of UPC codes and expiration dates at the FDA site. If you have a recalled product, save the UPC label and Best By stamp and call Ocean Spray at 800-662-3263 for a coupon replacement.

Ocean Spray Voluntarily Recalls Limited Quantity of Original Flavor Dried Cranberries and Bulk Dried Cranberries Sales [FDA]

Ocean Spray Craisins recalled because of metal fragments [MSNBC]

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