Political Commentary On A Pizza Hut Sign?

As you’ve probably heard, the longstanding rule that classifies 1/8 cup of tomato paste as a serving of vegetables in kids’ school lunches — thus allowing a slice of pizza to qualify as a serving of veggies — was set to be changed, but political maneuvering recently scuttled that change. And not everyone is thrilled with that.

The last place you might expect to see someone commenting in a snarky fashion about this news is on the marquee outside a pizza joint. But according to folks in San Antonio, TX, this Pizza Hut recently posted the sign “NOW SERVING VEGETABLES!”

Of course, Pizza Hut and most every other pizza place, has always served veggies in addition to the red sauce on the pie. Perhaps this Hut was just touting up some new line of salads?

We’ve reached out to reps for Pizza Hut HQ to see what they think about this sign and will update if we get a response.

Pizza Hut, you’re doing it right! [Reddit]

‘Pizza vegetable’ controversy is hot potato [L.A. Times]

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