Hummus, Trail Mixes Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination

What do granola, protein bars, hummus, and trail mix have in common? Other than being healthy and delicious snacks, they’re also items that have been recalled due to a massive recall of dried fruits and nuts that are potentially linked to the same processing plant.

We’ve already shared the recall information for grainless granola from Wildway and Trader Joe’s, as well as BulletProof 360 and GoMacro snack/protein bars. Now other recalls have been announced that may be from the same potentially contaminated facility.

There have been no confirmed illnesses from foods that are part of any of these recalls.

The following trail mixes from United Natural Trading have been recalled because they contain dates that may be contaminated.  

Description Lot Best By Date UPC#
Nature’s Promise Organic Campfire Trail Mix 12oz. 17100 11/23/2017 688267066092
Nature’s Promise Organic Campfire Trail Mix 12oz. 17115 12/23/2017 688267066092
Nature’s Promise Cranberry Trail Mix 12oz. 17138 11/18/2017 688267066122
Nature’s Promise Cascade Trail Mix 12oz. 17158 12/30/2017 688267066160
Woodstock Organic Kumbaya Mix 10oz. 17096 11/23/2017 42563009366
Woodstock Organic Kumbaya Mix 10oz. 17124 11/23/2017 42563009366
Woodstock Organic Kumbaya Mix 10oz. 17100 11/23/2017 42563009366
Market Basket Cape Cod Cranberry Mix 10oz. 17132 12/30/2017 49705408322
Market Basket Cascade Trail Mix 11oz. 17156 12/30/2017 49705408377
Market Basket Fiber Frenzy 10oz. 17150 12/30/2017 49705409107
Wholesome Pantry Cape Cod Cranberry Mix 8oz. 17142 12/30/2017 41190054855
Wholesome Pantry Organic Trail Mix 8oz. 17142 12/14/2017 41190054992
Wholesome Pantry Organic Trail Mix 8oz. 17160 12/15/2017 41190054992

If you have any of these products, discard them or return them to the retailer where you purchased them for a refund. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer at 732-650-9905. 

Hummus products that are part of the recall include products sold under the Fresh Foods Market brand (Harris Teeter), Lantana Foods, and Marketside (Walmart). Check the Food and Drug Administration’s recall announcement for the very long list of possible “best before” dates that may have the affected pine nuts, but they’re broadly between June 19 and Aug. 17, 2017. The products were sold between April 18 and June 13, 2017.

The specific products included are:

Fresh Foods Market: Artisan Hummus with Pine Nuts

Lantana Foods: White Bean Hummus with Pine Nut & Herb Topping

Marketside: Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts

All recalled items were the 10-ounce size, sold in clear round plastic containers. The common link that may have carried the Listeria are the pine nut toppings.

If you have the products, don’t eat them: Contact the manufacturer, House of Thaler, at 855-215-5142. 

The production facility linked to these recalls, Hudson Valley Farms outside of Poughkeepsie, NY, has temporarily been shut down following the potential Listeria contamination.

Listeria is a potentially deadly pathogen, posing a particular danger to pregnant women and their fetuses, children, people with compromised immune systems, and elderly people. Symptoms of infection include a high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.


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