3 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet While Traveling

The holidays not only bring diet-ruining parties, but travel vortexes that trick you into changing your eating rules as you make long trips. If you have any hopes of emerging from holiday travel without the phenomenon known as “Christmas butt,” you’ll at least need to get to your destination without going overboard.

Darya of Summer Tomato offers her tips for healthful eating while on the move:

* Eat at home before you head off. Making sure you’re not hungry before you get to the airport or drive past a convenience store makes you less likely to stuff your face.

* Drink a lot of water. You feel hungrier when you’re thirsty, so don’t get thirsty. But don’t overdo the water guzzling, because it’s not comfortable to deal with frequent mid-trip bathroom breaks.

* When in doubt, go Mexican. Although the cuisine from south of the border is not known for its slimming properties, Mexican restaurants at least provide the possibility of low-calorie choices. Beans, rice, vegetables and salsa — but not devilishly addictive tortilla chips — will make for a light meal.

9 Tips To Eat Healthy When Holiday Traveling [Summer Tomato]

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