Make The Most Out Of Coupon Books You Buy In Fundraisers

If you buy one of those coupon books often peddled by kids who are raising money for their schools or clubs, you’re most likely doing so just to help out rather than make a savvy investment. But dedicated coupon-users can make the books pay for themselves and then some.

Evaluating the contents of a coupon book she got her hands on, Fabulously Fru-Girl picks out a couple of types of savings the books are best at allowing:

* Dining out. The books tend to be filled with buy one, get one free coupons. These can save couples or work lunch buddies money, as long as the coupons are good at places they would normally go.

* Travel. Car-rental discounts, such as one that gives you 20 percent off and a third day free, can make vacations considerably cheaper.

One way to make sure you’re getting the most out of a coupon book is to track the amount of savings on the inside cover. Each time you use a coupon, add to your running total and see if you’ve made your money back by the time your coworkers are hassling you to buy the next edition of the books to benefit their daughters’ soccer teams.

Book Review: The Entertainment Book [Fabulously Fru-Girl]

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