How To Quiet Down Your Snoring

Snoring is an excellent way to make significant others, not to mention everyone around you on long flights, despise you even more than they already do. To show some courtesy for those surrounding you during slumber, it’s up to you to make sure your sleep doesn’t prevent others from resting.

WebMD offers these quick fixes that could make a snorer less of a nuisance:

* Fall asleep on your side. Sleeping on your back tends to facilitate snoring, so make a conscious effort to sleep on your side. To avoid rolling over and bringing the noise, cuddle up with a body pillow or tape tennis balls to the back of your shirt.

* Go easy on the booze. According to the site, alcohol can “reduce the resting tone of muscles in the back of your throat,” which can make your sleeping maw sound like a garbage disposal.

* Open up your nasal passages. Some people tend to snore when their noses are stuffed up. A pre-bedtime hot shower can open things up a bit. You can also go nuclear and use a neti pot, which thoroughly de-snots your nose via running water. A word of warning on the latter: Using a neti pot in the presence of someone who finds you attractive is an excellent way to insure they will not sleep anywhere near you that night.

7 Easy Fixes for Snoring [WebMD]

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