Chase Pulls Plug On Tests For Two New Fees

Like several of its fellow mega-banks, Chase has been testing out various new checking account fees in different regions of the country. But a pair of those tests have come to an end — and will hopefully never be seen again.

The first fee to go bye-bye is the $12 monthly fee charged to new basic checking account customers. Chase began testing this fee in Oklahoma last February.

Then there was the Atlanta-area test for a $15 monthly checking account fee that could only be waived if a customer maintained a minimum daily balance of at least $1,500.

CNN reports that these fees will end for affected customers by Nov. 19. The news channel says there is no word on whether or not customers who paid these test fees will see any refund.

As we reported last month, Chase also backed off its test to charge a monthly $3 fee to some debit card users.

Chase to end trials of 3 new bank fees [Chicago Tribune]

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