Um, Do I Actually Need To Buy Winter Tires?

Ah yes, winter tires. That’s what you need right now. You want to buy an expensive set of tires just for one season. Is it even necessary? Can’t you just get all season tires and be done with it? Maybe! But the answer really depends on where you live and what type of surface you’ll be driving on.

The tragic truth is that most tires are a compromise.

Consumer Reports’ latest test on passenger car tires for SUVs and pickups shows that winter tires deliver outstanding snow traction and braking on ice compared to all-season models.

Even if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, winter tires deliver better stopping grip on snow and ice than most all-season tires. They are the right choice if you commonly drive in wintry weather, or if you just want greater peace of mind in those situations.

But on cleared roads, the advantage goes to all-seasons, with shorter stops on wet and dry surfaces.

Bottom line: If you live in an area with infrequent winter weather or can wait for the roads to be cleared after a storm before heading out, all-season tires are a better choice.

Tires: Winter is coming…what are you waiting for? [Consumer Reports]

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