Quick, Cheap Ways To Lock Down Home Security

Devising the amount of security you need at your home is a matter of taste. There’s no such thing as total security for the paranoid, and those who take the matter too lightly are probably leaving themselves open for abuse. But there are simple, low-cost things everyone can do to make things more difficult on potential unwelcome visitors.

Citing a Washington Post graphic on the matter, Lifehacker offers suggestions to make your home a tougher target.

Among the tips are keeping a car out in your driveway when you’re away, placing security decals on your door and signs in your yard, installing device-locating apps on laptops and installing motion-detecting lights.

You could also go the Home Alone route and rig your house with elaborate booby traps, but proceed with caution if you do that and realize we’re not all as clever as 8-year-old Kevin.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security Based on Burglars’ Habits [Lifehacker]

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