Theft Victim Catches Guy Returning Her Stuff To Macy's

Rachel thought she would never see her stuff again. Someone had stolen the Christmas gifts she left on the backseat of her car parked in front of her house overnight, along with her iPod. It was $460 out the window. But when she went back to Macy’s to replace some of the gifts, her Spidey-sense started tingling.

Walking into the store right in front of her was a guy wearing exactly the same kind of hoodie from her car, carrying several bags. She followed the guy and observed as he tried to return several items without a receipt. Each one was exactly the same as the ones that were taken from her car.

Rachel called the police and the store security. She whipped out her original sales receipt and they slapped the cuffs on the suspect. When they searched his car, they found her iPod and other stolen items.

“It’s one in a million shot to actually get back something that was stolen from a car,” but, “She knew it,” Burlington police officer Bernie Schipelliti told WBZ-TV. “I always tell people to trust their gut and in this circumstance it really worked out for her.”

In other news, don’t tempt thieves by leaving presents and valuables in your car overnight.

Theft Victim Catches Alleged Crook Returning Merchandise At Store [WBZ-TV]

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