ASUS Blames You When BIOS Update Bricks Your Computer

In order to start up your PC, you need a BIOS: firmware that tells your computer what devices are attached to it and where it can find the operating system(s). Most people don’t ever need to fuss with the BIOS, but Tim did for his ASUS computer. What he didn’t know was that the update he downloaded from the company’s site would turn his computer into a large, flat plastic brick if he installed it from a USB drive in the default file format. ASUS says that Tim has to pay for the repair, which he thinks is unfair.

He sent us the same letter that he sent to ASUS.

I have a G73JH laptop. It is out of warranty about 6 months now.

Asus website’s BIOS killed my laptop and their support team is making me pay for the repair. This is completely unethical and unfair!

Here are the steps:

1. Downloaded the Asus BIOS from Asus website:

2. Put the BIOS on a USB disk with NTFS

2. Use EasyFlash to update it the file from the USB

3. And the laptop is now COMPLETELY inoperable.

I would later find out I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE with this problem:

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Even review websites acknowledge this is a flaw with your design.

The root cuase from reading the forums is if you use a USB with NTFS and then use EasyFlash, it kills your laptop. YET, Asus website does NOTHING to document this! As a consumer, I’m absolutely shocked that so many users on the forums know this problem and they had to RMA and pay for this all this time, but it is not documented on the Asus website!!

We don’t have any current contacts at ASUS other than this info-packed post from 2008:

10 Secrets To Getting Better Tech Support From Asus

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