Man Pays Mom's $.10 Parking Ticket 57 Years After It Was Issued

Back in July, we told you about the Michigan man who finally paid a $1 parking from 1975. Well it looks like someone in Nebraska may have wanted to one-up that driver, paying off a 1954 parking ticket for a whopping ten cents.

According to police in York, NE, a man came into the station earlier this week wanting to pay off an old ticket of his mother’s. He still had the well-preserved citation, dated July 13, 1954, and left it, along with a dime on the desk.

“It’s really pretty neat, that someone would pay this parking ticket so many years later, or even find it among someone’s belongings,” said the York Chief of Police Don Klug.

Looking at the actual ticket, the chief was also pleasantly surprised with how friendly the citations were worded back in the ’50s/

It reads:

We are sorry… to have to leave this tag. However, our parking space is so limited we have to divide it up. A charge of 10 cents is made for your extra time. You may enclose a dime in this envelope and deposit it in the red box located on the corner. We hope you understand our parking problem.Help us solve it, won’t you?

Thanks! Come again!

“I plan to hang it on my office wall,” the chief tells the York News-Times. “It’s just not something you see happen every day.”

Fine paid on 1954 parking ticket
[York News-Times]

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