Parking Ticket Gets Paid, 35 Years Late

If you found a 35-year-old unpaid parking ticket pressed in a book that you bought in a garage sale, what would you do? An 89-year-old Michigan man who found such a ticket decided that it was his civic duty to mail the $1 ticket back with payment to Orlando, Florida, where it was issued in November of 1975.

Here’s a picture of the ticket itself. Records from that era are gone, so we’ll never know whether the man who found the ticket was the original parking scofflaw.

“Sorry for the delay,” he scrawled on the ticket’s back, mailing it back in the original envelope. He was not charged any late fees or fines, which would have been actual irony.

Man pays parking ticket — 35-plus years late [Orlando Sun-Sentinel] (Thanks, Chris!)

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