Paypal Links Account Missing $2,000 To Yours, Demands You Pay

Reader Ben awoke to a rude discovery. Somehow another account had been linked to his Paypal account, and the new account was $2,000 in the red. Paypal was knocking on Ben’s door, telling him to pay up, or else. They locked up his account and froze his cash. When he protested, they treated him like a criminal.

After months of back and forth, Ben filed a complaint Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and emailed his story to Paypal’s CEO. Two days later, his complaint was fixed. That day, Ben transferred his money out and closed down his Paypal account forever.

Ben writes:

In May, 2011, I found my Paypal account was put on limited use, meaning I can only transfer money into the account but can not transfer money out or buy anything with with my money in account. They subsequently sent me emails and ask me to call them. I called and Paypal told me that my account was linked to another account, which has a negative balance of more than $2000. Paypal wanted me to pay that balance! I asked how could this happen and they told me I know better! I told them I had nothing to do with that account but Paypal would not listen. They said they are investigating…

During the course of the next several months, Paypal continued to send me emails asking me to contact them. Each time I called they would not tell me how that account was linked to mine and treated me as if I did the link and am responsible for what has happened. They treated me like a criminal, instead of a fraud victim. I asked how could I do to help Paypal figure out what was happening, the lady at the other side simply asked me to pay off that balance! She said there is nothing else they can do to resolve this issue. So frustrated and feeling so unfairly treated by Paypal, I opened a case with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in October, complaining about Paypal’s wrongdoings.

At the end of October, I found out Paypal’s CEO email address from the internet and sent all the correspondence I had with Paypal over this issue, plus the IC3 complaint number. I ask him to resolve this issue since Paypal Staff was not helping me. Two days after I submitted my complaints with Paypal CEO, a lady from Paypal called my home phone and told me my account was cleared.

I immediately logged in to my Paypal account and transferred all of my money out to my bank. I am done with Paypal.

Taking your issue to the top is sometimes the only way to get anything done in this world.

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