Virgin America Is Pleased With Their New Reservation System

Despite experiencing some of the inevitable hiccups from transferring a legacy system to a new one, Virgin America tells me that they’re overall “pleased” with how the reservation system transition they started on Saturday is going.

Earlier today I posted about how travelers currently can’t make or change their reservations and the call centers are overloaded with calls from passengers trying to manage their booking.

“Although our site was back up and live this weekend, we’re still working through the final smaller web functionality issues and hope to have them restored very soon,” Virgin America’s VP of Corporate Communications, Abby Lunardini, told me. “I will say that the majority of guests are not seeing issues and that both we and Sabre are pleased with the relative smoothness of this transition. We’ve had +90% on-time rates for flights and no major disruptions at our airports.”

Virgin America also says they took steps to gird themselves for the system transfer. “To prepare for this transition, we reduced our flight schedules and staffed extra teammates 24/7 across our operation,” said Lunardini. “We also communicated in advance to our Elevate members and to all guests flying about what to expect. We’ve taken the approach of over-communicating online and off – and are incredibly appreciative of the patience of our guests thus far as we work through the final web issues.”

So when exactly when will the Virgin America reservation be fully operational again? “Very soon,” said Abby.

Virgin America’s Brand New Sabre Reservation System Hits Turbulence

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